Bringing  Baby  Home

1. The Most Important thing to know about your puppy is they are like an infant the must eat every 4 hours or so to insure stable blood sugars until they mature into a young adult. When they come to a new home they are adjusting and they may not eat the way they normally do……..this is why the Yogurt and Kayro mixture is a must to have on hand at home and even when you pick up your puppy if your will be traveling more than a few hours with you puppy. When you first get your puppy feel the plumpness of their little tummy ….it is up to you to keep it that way by observing what and how often they are eating and how much they are playing. A kibble or 2 is NOT enough and you will need to supplement them with 3-9 cc’s of yogurt to feel that plumpness back in the tummy. If they are eating good for you , still supplement 3 cc’s at bedtime and first thing in the morning or when you have to be away more than 4-5 hours. ​

2. They need their own safe space. Make sure to get a Play Yard and items on the list for your Puppy to rest, and have quite time. Large spaces overwhelm small puppies, and they need to nap often just like babies. A cozy Bed , food and water should be available at all times. ​

3. Puppies have NO FEAR OF HEIGHTS! So please do not sleep with your puppy until they are nearer adulthood and caution when of the sofa and have your hands on your puppy during cuddle time. ​

4. Over Vaccination- Please know that giving your puppy too many vaccines can be more harmful than no vaccines at all! You have to be your puppy’s advocate and NEVER let more than one vaccine be given to your puppy during any Vet visit. They are getting the same dose as a Great Dane and I never give more than 1/2 of a vaccine. My Vet does not recommend more than a total of 2 puppy vaccines (parvo, distemper) without having the teeters run, and NO rabies until your puppy is at least 6 months of age and given separately. Bordetella vaccine is highly controversial and I highly discourage giving it to the tiny breeds. ​

5. Grooming Care– Please use gentle Shampoos on your puppy while they are a puppy. Also Keep the tip of the ears shaved on our Yorkie puppy about every 3-4 weeks ( trimmers NOT clippers are used on ear tips, the Peanut Brand is awesome) . If ears become heavy they can droop. Teething can also cause the tip ear to this on the side they they are teething on. I use (clear non invasive surgical tape) during teething to to keep the ears erect if one starts to droop. I will give you simple instructions on how to tape ears for a few days if this does occur. Keep potty area, footpads trimmed as well and the trimmers work great for all, the same type men use for beard trimming. ​

6. The Tiny Yorkie or Maltese – Please understand the risks of the tiny breeds and putting them under for any surgery or if they get ill. Never have them undergo any sort of surgery without doing the pre-anesthesia blood work to know how their liver will react to the surgery. Do not spay your female until she is at least one year of age. With your little boys you can do at 9 months or so after having the blood work run. Try to stay on top of the teeth with brushing or tartar removal products that will prevent too many dentals. Remember if they get ill the Yogurt and kayro mixture is a lifesaver, if they stop eating they have nowhere to go with weight loss and use it even in your adult Yorkie until you can get them to the Vet. It could literally save their life. ​

7. You will never find such wonderful companions as the Yorkie or the Maltese. If you are reading this page, you are among the best people for considering one of our puppies. They will bring you many years, of love and happiness. Thank You for loving the Breed the same way we do and considering one of our bundles of joy here at

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